The Walid Joumblatt Foundation
For University Studies

In pursuit of its vision, the Walid Joumblatt Foundation for University Studies ensures the provision of financial and moral support to students in their quest to attain a higher education within the prevailing economic hardships. The foundation works on increasing opportunities of higher education for students who need financial assistance by building and maintaining a network of generous donors.
The foundation's board of trustees sets a number of objectives:
  • Increasing the number of grants by attracting donors through fundraising events.
  • Establishing ties with graduates who benefited from the assistance of the foundation through reunions.
  • Orienting students towards adequate fields of study based on the market’s needs.
The Walid Joumblatt Foundation for University Studies (WJF) is an educational organization that aims to assist students in their pursuit of higher education. Based on the initiative of Mr. Walid Joumblatt, the foundation was established in 1982. The number of beneficiaries of the foundation grew from 22 in 1982 to 15,788 in total in 2017. The vision of the foundation is for every student to have access to education.


Years of Service
Amount in USD of grants for 2016-2017
Grants Since 1982


The budget of the foundation consists of Mr. Walid Joumblatt’s contribution and generous donations of those who believe that education is the most powerful investment for the future of Lebanon.
The foundation has offered grants to students from all regions in Lebanon, covering a wide range of specializations, at the Lebanese University and other universities in Lebanon.
Distribution of scholarships across universities for the academic year 2018-2019
Distribution of scholarships across regions for the academic year 2018-2019

Activities of the Foundation

Board of Trustees

Walid Joumblatt
Teymour Joumblatt
Charif Fayad
Wajdi Abou Hamze
Maher Abou Ezzedine
Jamil Jamil Bayram

Hassib Makarem
Abd El Salam Bdeir
Adnan Kassar
Alaeddine Terro
Ghassan Assaf
Kamil Saryeddine

Majed Abou Matar
Mahmoud Abdelbaki
Michel Eddeh
Nehme Tohme
Youssef Kanaan

Administrative Board
The foundation is managed by an administrative board of nine members who have a voluntary three-year tenure. The board is chaired by Mr. Walid Joumblatt. In addition to managing funds dedicated to students' aids, the board is directly involved in evaluating the students' applications. The assessment is based on the applicant's academic and socio-economic standing.

Diana Joumblatt - Vice President

Zafer Nasser - General Director
Rima Fayyad - Secretary General
Manal Said Hourani - Treasurer

Aslan Joumblatt - Advisor
Walid Elmaouch - Advisor
Adel Marroud - Advisor

Nizar Abou Elhesn - Advisor
Yolla Qazzi - Advisor

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